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Dez 2nd, 2014

Tom Richter ist seit diesem Jahr im WeAre Team und alle sind stolz darauf!!

WeAre: Wir lieben seinen smoothen Style. Ein „Welcome Clip“ war längst überfällig – daher
freuen wir uns, dass das Ding jetzt online ist. Dickes Dankeschön an Max und alle,
die beteiligt waren. Viel Spaß!!

WeAre Team – Tom Richter Welcome Clip from Max Ebert on Vimeo.

Tom is a professional wakeboarder from Hamburg. He is known for a smooth
style as well as a very competitive rider. During his career of 12 years he took
part in several competitions and events all over the world. This year he hooked
up with the crew from WeAre, which is a fast growing webshop for extremesports
and fashion also from Hamburg. From now on Tom will be the representative of
WeAre’s wakeboard activities and he will also spread the word about the WeAre

This video is about Tom, wakeboarding and giving you a feeling what it feels like
to hit a cablepark and take some laps on the water. Wakeboarding is for everybody,
so grab a board and get out there!


camera/edit: Max Ebert